Magus (freeware game) -Dos game

Magus is a freeware game but has been hard to find for years. The game is an rpg game created by Ronny Wester, the man who also created the games Cyberdogs and the sequel C-Dogs aka CyberDog’s 2.

Ronny’s site has been gone for years. There was a website who had the download but it’s still listed but gives you a 404 error if you try to download it.

I played a little bit with this game years ago and then fooled around today with it. This is a top down turn based RPG where you create a group of characters, pick up weapons, armor, spells, etc. Game is mouse based so you use your mouse to move and attack monsters.

Screenshots and downloads of magus are at , when you get to the site look for the button on the upper right hand corner which says clone or download, click on it and the click on the download as zip and it will download it to your computer and give you a file called MagusPreservation-master. It contains everything from Github, the game, source code, etc. There are 3 versions of the game in the zip, look for Magus 3rd edition, this is the last version of the game.

Since this is a Dos game, you need Dosbox to run the game. Please check out this link for Dosbox and the DBGL frontend at




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